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Greentech Building Protection Coating

If you are tired of painting your home every few years and want to spend less money to stay cool and comfortable, contact us to find out!

Greentech Building Protection Coating applies a protective layer of elastomeric paint to the exterior wall, providing protection against hairline cracks, water damage, infra-red rays and corrosion, extending the home’s life span. Like standard paint, Greentech Building Protection Coating comes in various colors to match the needs of the homeowner.

Greentech Building Protection Coating
is backed up by COOL-LIFE technology.


LIFETIME PLUS - Greentech Building Protection Coating


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Before & After

It’s easy to see why Lifetime Plus and Life Paint product installations have been ongoing since 1963. The before and after pictures do the talking for us. Here are just some examples of the amazing results Lifetime Plus and Life Paint products have created for our customers.

Key Advantages

Building Protection Coating Technology

Reduces the amount of heat absorbed with a layer of building protection coating, lowering the interior temperature while protecting the exterior walls

Waterproofing and Antimicrobial Properties

The environment-friendly, waterproofed coat of paint protects your walls from humidity and corrosion

Prevents Cracks

Bridges hairline cracks through an elastomeric coating and provides long-term protection against future cracks

Extends Building Lifespan

Extends the lifespan of the building by protecting against environmental factors

Energy Savings

Reduces heat absorbed through the sun’s infra-red rays by up to 30 percent, cutting down on bills by reducing energy costs

Environment-friendly Materials

Eco-friendly coating materials allow the building to ventilate and breathe

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime warranty provided to the homeowner

Reasonable Pricing

Many protective features offered at reasonable pricing

Easy Financing

As a government-approved energy conservation product, no-lien, no-down payment full-amount financing is available

Commercial Work

Just some of our many satisfied commercial clients

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